Fallen Angels

Monsters like werewolves, goblins, and vampires
are all too fabricated and embedded
with lies, fantasy, and fiction
to offer me anything
other than momentary entertainment.
But demons–
those once-angels of God,
who fell, ashen and decayed,
and transformed
from an ideal of beauty
to a thing of disgrace,
who lost their vibracy,
their light–
they are the monsters
I can’t escape from.

Because of their choices,
dark wishes, and desires,
those once so vivid,
so loved and adored
are now feared,
hated, and abhorred.

There’s a fine line
between innocence and sin,
and once you’re standing
on the border,
you never know which way
you may fall.

I have a Q&A on my instagram where I write poems based on questions readers ask. The the question for this was: “what is your favorite monster or demon from literary tradition?”

If you would like to ask me a question about myself, writing, life, anything really, just comment below. I will write a poem to answer your question!


26 thoughts on “Fallen Angels

  1. Love your poetry. Since you’re offering the reader a question, I have one. I tend to like working with the dark, mysterious side of life and my last haiku is unusual for me; to celebrate joy. Anyways, does your muse ever bring you to dark places that you’d rather not revisit.

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