2016 Blog Goals


I would like to start New Year’s Blog Goals where we make a list of things you either wish for your blog or for yourself as a blogger in 2016.
I’m not going to tag anyone, but I’m curious as to what everyone else’s goals are, so either comment your lists or post your own and let me know!

My 2016 Blog Goals
1.  Post more often
2.  Follow through with challenges more promptly
3.  Gain 5,000 followers
4.  Interact more with my followers and readers
5.  Respond to comments quicker
6.  Make time to dedicate to writing
7.  Use social media more
8.  And most importantly: keep blogging

If there is anything you think I could improve on, PLEASE do not hesitate to let me know. I began this blog to receive feedback and criticism, so if you have any input at all I would sincerely appreciate it!

Don’t forget to let me know what your 2016 blog goals are!


34 thoughts on “2016 Blog Goals

  1. Holy molly wakamolly, you´re going to become a hermit all day long in front of the computer 😉
    Let me see my goal as a blogger?….Get someone that says this guy is the new Shakespeare in town, offeers me a book deal with 100,000$ advance payment and I´m out of this screwed up country and going back to the U.S or the Bahamas, one of the two.

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    1. Haha I do everything through my phone, so car rides, waiting for people, laying in bed, etc. is when I’d do all of this. I haven’t looked at this blog on a computer for probably 3 or 4 months.
      And those are wonderful goals!!! I think I share in them with you for the most part, I just don’t have the faith haha. Good luck with those 😉


      1. What´s with you people, by you people I mean the rest of humanity at least most in the western countries and probably not western also, people are addicted to the social media thing. Drives me nuts when I´m out and about with people and they´re all staring down at their phone with the wassap or whatever else their doing. I even saw a couple in a restaurant both of them with the phone out texting or whatever they were doing, I thought to myself, why in the world did you go out in the first place if your not even talking, or maybe they were mutes and that was their way to communicate with each other who knows, point being that if I become the President of the world I´m gonna restrict social media to a 4 hour a day use


        1. I only have social media (Facebook, instagram, and twitter) for my blog and a personal instagram. I’m actually never on any of them, except instagram and it’s still only once or twice a day. I’m never on my phone when I’m with someone. That’s why I’m have a goal to use them more often. I know people go crazy with it, which is why I deleted all of my personal accounts except instagram.


  2. I would add the goal of keeping a fresh look to the homepage. Change it up at least every month. Come up with a theme for your homepage. Right now, I’ve got some quotes set with a vintage style. I know I will change that. Also, I really should make a serious effort to update my About Me page. However, I have always thought, that if you want to know me just read my stuff! What do you think about that? 🙂


        1. How is your direction changing?
          I haven’t heard back from the publishers since September or October. They said they accepted it and that they’ll be in contact soon, then never sent anything more. So I’m going to contact them sometime next month if I don’t hear back.

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          1. To make a long story short, I may be getting into digital media with the company I currently work for just after two months of blogging. A complete change of careers for me!


          2. Give it some time. If you are going to put more effort into it in 2016, then, something will. At least, you’ll get to know more people, especially me! lol. (p.s. – I’m a light-hearted jokester).


          3. Eh, I’ve had it a year and people who are just starting out are getting books published and things. That’s really all I’ve gained is the community, which is great, don’t get me wrong. It’s just discouraging a little to see so many others succeed and me go nowhere.


  3. I always try to read, and comment on a persons blog everytime they read and comment on mine. I think that blogging is like a party where some people come and drink my wine but don’t bother to get involved with the conversations. And there are some people who talk all the time and never stop long enough to let the host say anything.

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      1. I like it! Always aim for the stars, that way, that way, if you miss, at least your corpse will be out there in space. I know, not the cheery comment it was potentially going to be, but if you know me, you know I’m rarely what someone would expect. Hrm, maybe that’s why I don’t have many followers…


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