The Question of Perception


Maybe it’s all just an illusion–
A facade set up
for my eyes, solely
and when I turn away,
everything changes,
everything transforms itself.
It molds and configures,
it adjusts and adapts
to accommodate
the next viewer.

Maybe the world isn’t composed
of what we choose to see,
but what chooses to be seen.
Do we hold the controls
of our own perception,
or is it guided
by everything around us?

If so, what happens
when no one’s looking?

26 thoughts on “The Question of Perception

  1. Very thought-provoking, Allison. After reading your poetry, I was ruminating on the words “what chooses to be seen.” I’ve had experiences in the past where I felt like the fleeting piece of ‘reality’ passing in front of my view was a gift for me. It chose to present itself to me in that moment. Perception is very ephemeral and personal. ‘Reality’ is always in a flux of change and its unseen depths are hidden to us humans. Thank-you for sparking my philosophical train of thought. Loved the image that you paired with your poetic words.


  2. You have defined it exactly – it is only what we see when we are seeing it. To the next observer, everything changes. Beautiful! Well done!


  3. I like to say often that we all have eyes but they’re tinted different shades and you’ve captured that truth here beautifully


  4. Love this piece! This phrase especially resonated, “Maybe the world isn’t composed of what we choose to see, but what chooses to be seen.” This seems so true when we think about the masks we often wear to conceal our true self. Great accompanying image as well.


  5. Perception is everything or nothing. Love this so much. Sometimes when I’m most blue I force myself to think of the horrors others live every day, I hate doing it because then I have to truly look within and embrace change. Strange how we get so used to our perceptions. Great piece. Your thoughts are profound 🍃🌺


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