The Stranger Who Stood Next To Me

I don’t know
who will read this,
but I know you
never will
but there’s this alarm
sounding throughout my system
signaling that it’s time
for me to wake up.

I need you to know
that I will miss you
and everything
I once believed in.
I’ll miss the times
when life was simple
and I looked toward
the future
because it was us,
taking on the world.

I have been dreaming
of those days,
hoping they would return,
but as I’ve been lying
in my dream state of mind,
I’ve found it hard
to open my eyes
to a you that I’ve never known.

But as I’m slowly waking,
I can see the truth– you
have never been you.

I needed you to be
who I thought you were,
so I closed my eyes
and erased all of the signs
that could have helped me realize
that you were just a dream,
a figment I created
out of the stranger
who stood next to me.

22 thoughts on “The Stranger Who Stood Next To Me

  1. OMG…signing my song! I’ve written about the very same thing on my blog. A fantasy that I create and get lost in. Waking up is really painful. The fantasy ends up being really painful. Not sustainable. And eventually our heart figures out what is really going on. It figures out how the mind has duped it…again. Ugh. I feel your pain. Waking up is awesome though. Just takes time… And lots of self-care. We’re just lonely. We can’t help ourselves. Thank you for sharing. 🙂

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    1. Did I really write “signing” instead of “singing”? Where is the darn edit button when I need it! Forgive my typo! You all know what I meant though… 🙂

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  2. I think we all do this…we project our ideal (anima/animus)–a divine romantic soul projection–on others. It is impossible for us to sustain that divine projection infinitely. If you haven’t read it, I have a post called Hearts On Fire that looks at the illusion of romantic love and finding ideal love. I think you have wonderfully captured that spirit here.😊

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      1. The first line…. I think it’s supposed to be “I don’t know…” and not ‘I’m don’t know…’


  3. This sounds like something i experienced in January, as my very world was turned upside down, my now ex fiancée did that to me.
    My soul was taken by her.


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