What Am I Doing?

So, I have been very, very busy with Student Teaching and I will continue to be until the end of April, then I’m FREE and FINISHED with college! I’m sincerely looking forward to my graduation day because I am severely in the need for the feeling of accomplishment to finally override the feeling of anxiety. While I have been so busy trying to learn how to teach and all, I have also been (slowly) working on both a poetry collection and a novel.
My poetry collection (so far) has about 22 poems included, some have been posted on my site and my novel (so far) has only about 2,200 words. While I AM working on new pieces, I am also trying to do way too many other things with my life. I am not giving up! I just won’t be posting as often as usual, but hopefully you can expect something big, whether it is a novel or a poetry collection to be completed at some point this year. I have a feeling that this year to be huge for me and I really hope my feelings are true! (and that by “huge” my feelings are talking about something great and not hugely terrible, lol)
I may be posting snippets of one of my books, I may post new poetry, I may post some rambles/rants. I don’t know and neither will you, so stick around if you care to find out! πŸ™‚


16 thoughts on “What Am I Doing?

    1. Is it for teaching? Student teaching is just A LOT of work. 15 weeks of teaching in the classroom doesn’t sound like much, but when they throw all the paperwork you have to do at you and start shoving deadlines, requirements, and evaluations down your throat, the time goes by very, very slowly all the while, you’re feeling like you’re rushed for time. Lol, I’ve been in such a terrible mood because of it all. I’m sure my family and fiance are saying the same thing about my schooling as you are about your husbands, haha. “Will it EVER end!?”

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      1. eh, it’s teaching of a sort. He’s wanting to get his PhD and be professor on a post-grad level. So, way more reading and writing than I could ever handle!


          1. I took a few semesters of that and had several friends in that major so I know how hard you work! At least it is very rewarding πŸ™‚


  1. The last bit always seems to drag – and although it maybe a hassle just now it will all be over very quickly. Once you’re working you will realise that the study was the best bit, so enjoy!
    Do you realise your posts come through at least 2-3 times?


  2. I’ll most definitely be on the look out! I have also recently decided to continue writing on a novel I started just after I finished high school, and my aim is to get it published. I’m hoping it works out for me – AND for you! Good luck with your endeavors, and don’t strain yourself – We don’t want to miss out on ANYTHING! πŸ™‚


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