Soul Mates of Darkness – Interactive Poetry

Plumbell gave me the words bear, fox, tree, woods, love, and soul mates for my interactive poetry It took me a long time to get to this poem and I apologize that it’s been so long. Hope you enjoy it!


Beyond the trees
through the depths of these woods,
lies many secrets
of those often misunderstood.

The creatures that lurk
just out of our sight
are buried behind
a dreadfully alluring guise.

These shadowy figments
of emotions once controlled,
crawl along the surface,
aching to take hold.

Our soul mates of darkness,
our lovers of insanity.
The haunting animals
taunting our humanity.

But we hunt them down,
unafraid of what might appear,
but prepared to capture
our deepest fears.

The bear and the fox-
The strong and the sly,
sneak past,
avoiding the hunter’s eye.

They love the game,
hide and seek.
Hide your self wisely
or surely, they will peek.


Pains of the Past – Interactive Poetry

The Warrior gave me the words galaxy, unknown, hope, purpose, illusion, and nothing for my interactive poetry. I decided to do another alphabetical poem with these words. Hope you enjoy! 🙂


Accepting that the world is not as it once was.
Beckoning for the past is a lost cause.
Change is inevitable, as we will find.
Do things really get any better with time?
Everyone’s lost-
Facing the unknown,
Going beyond what they had been shown.
Hope is the reason we continue to move.
Inside we believe there’s something coming soon.
Just a small spark to set our lives ablaze.
Keep that fire burning for the rest of our days.
Lost- when the flames go out.
Most of us fight for the stars and the galaxy to remain-
Never to change, staying the same.
Only, nothing is set forever.
People deny themselves of what their purpose may be.
Quarreling each day over how we think things should be.
Reality exists in a world of illusions-
Shifting its appearance each time we look.
Tomorrow is a new day to learn of its diversity,
Understand ourselves before we’re subject to adversity.
Voids felt deep within-
With our knowledge that the end truly is the end.
Xeroxing the past isn’t possible-
Yearning for something we once had
Zones us away from all that we have.

Nature of Rest – Interactive Poetry

Alisha gave me the words red, I, laugh, and tree for my interactive poetry. This isn’t at all what I started with or where I planned to take it, but- it happens, right? Anyway, hope you enjoy 🙂


I can’t sleep.

My days breeze by
along with the wind.
They don’t even start
before they end.

I’m caught in a daze
and suspended in this haze
of foggy thoughts
and clouded views.

But when I close my eyes
and try to rest
I’m surrounded by these hues.
These hues- of orange, red, and yellow
are the sunrise of my mind,
telling me it’s time to be awake
throughout the darkness of the night.

It holds me back from falling asleep.
I try to fight it,
but I’m nothing but a leaf of a tree.
A leaf blowing here and there-
Floating through each day’s air.
No regard for where I’m headed,
just going wherever I may be lead.

The trees all laugh
as they are sure where they stand,
but still, we are all the same-
victims of the land.

Powerful Words – Interactive Poetry

Words.Become.Legacies gave me NINE words for my interactive poetry! They were tide, hide, hills, mountains, shatter, mend, defend, believe, and everlasting. . Here’s what came to mind!


She was taught to hide herself
away from the world
so no one would learn
of the secrets she may hold.

One mistep-one mistake
and it would all unravel
all that’s been built
could suddenly shatter.

But she refused to accept
that she had this power within,
and believed that no matter what might break,
she would be able to mend-
Mend the mistakes of those before
and defend her stance on the troubles of the world.

She had to search for her breath
as the tide inside of her rose
but she gasped for air
as she began to write her prose.

She sewed the thoughts together
as knew what needed to be said,
even if one wrong word
could tear the threads.

She would have to fight back
and climb the hills- the mountains-
that stood in her way.
And battle the arguments
that she was sure to face.

But as soon as the words turned to ink,
she stood unsteadily on the brink-
On the brink of change,
of something finally being done-
to fix the world and all that was wrong.

This ink may stain
the view of many-
But her everlasting thoughts
would transform the lives of plenty.

New Interactive Poetry!

Several months ago, I began doing something I call interactive poetry, which is where I ask my followers to provide me with words for new poems. I would like to start this back up, but add to it.
The purpose of this blog was, partly, to grow as a writer and I think one of the best ways for me to do that is to challenge myself. Err… have you challenge me!
Words are great and I still appreciate them if you offer, but I am also opening this to photo prompts.
If you would like to give me words or a photo for me to write a poem on, comment on this post, email me, tweet me, tag me on instagram, or post it to my Facebook wall and I will accept your challenge!

*If you participate and I don’t respond to your request within a day, remind me! It’s easy for my response to not go through or for me to forget to respond. I don’t want to accidentally ignore your prompt!*

Betrayal – Interactive Poetry

Muskan gave me the words betrayal, hurt, stab, and revenge for my interactive poetry. Here’s what I came up with!


Is it betrayal
if I knew it was coming?
If I saw it in your eyes-
If I noticed your disguise,
as you tried hiding behind your mask?

You carried a dagger
wherever you went.
Piercing me with your stares-
Cutting right through me,
pretending you cared.

It hurt-
when I felt that final stab
seep deep inside.
But what is love
if it isn’t covered
by facades and lies?

So I put up a front
acting as if I had never known-
Never known that it was all an act,
that you were playing a part.

But when we both began pretending
the curtains rose
and made way for anxious eyes
ready to watch our show.

Fighting for the lead,
we battled each other.
Standing on the front lines
of love and revenge
Hoping that at least one of us
would finally win.

Weapons – Interactive Poetry

Danica gave me the words sophistication, knife, mud, and glasses for my interactive poetry.
For some reason, I had an extremely hard time coming up with something for these words. But, here’s what I came up with!


Our weapons of choice
will decide our voice-
Whether our lives are heard
or felt.

A sense of sophistication
can elude from the barrel of a gun.
The loud, sudden sound
warns of what’s been dealt.

Yet the silence of a knife
can end a life
with no noise to be made-
but the pain will surely show.

But once your weapon
has been chosen
and you put it to use,
the storm inside will grow.

Puddles will appear
as contorted looking glasses
twisting and conforming
your once familiar face
into something unknown.

Your mind will begin to flood
as the ground turns to mud.
You can’t seem to stand straight.
You slip and you stumble-
as you’re sinking-
as you’re drowning.

Drowning in the depths
of your once clear thoughts
Drowning into the darkness
clouding your judgment.

The choice is not
whether or not to choose a weapon.
It’s which weapon
you’d rather use.