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My good friend, Alice Reichert just started her blog, Wingsonravens. This is one of my favorite poems of hers that I have read so far. Check out her work and let her know what you think!

Wings on Ravens

A tree

Grown of bark, blacker than night,

Ruptured from the cool, green grass,

Sits, in waiting, in my back yard.

The black bark is twisted,

Mangled, frayed,

Like withered, arthritic hands.

The darkness compels, bewitches,

Pulls me in.

It’s magnetic.

The leaves are alive with color,

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Celebrate yourself. Whether you’re black, white, or purple- it doesn’t matter. You are beautiful, regardless of how others look. No one’s beauty will compromise your own.


by Abrar El-Hassan

Please admire that kinky hair of yours.
There will be days where you’ll terribly want it
as straight as the arrow that could pierce through
Every stereotype ever spoken about our dark-skin.
You’ll come across people who will portray shock, or immature disgust
When you educate them
on your intricate hair-care,
Don’t you dare be discouraged.
I beg of you
To not think that anyone with a shade lighter than yours
Is a competition.
Do not beat yourselves
In the willingness of a lighter body,
A brighter body.
Do not force a sunrise out of it that would not emerge.
No, her blond hair is not a menace to your confidence,
No, her blue eyes are not a threat to your beauty.
Love those dark, mystical eyes of yours.
Adore your full, hefty lips,
Those will carry the weights of the bitter words you’ll dare to…

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Memee’s 1st Poetry Party a Poetic Success!

Thank you to Memee for hosting this party and to everyone who voted! This was a great idea and it was so interesting to see everyone’s diverse takes on the simple topic of love.
This contest really gave me a sense of hope. All of the poems that were submitted were great and written by very talented writers, I’m honored to have placed. This is the first thing I’ve ever submitted a poem to and the first thing I’ve ever won through votes! 🙂

Memee's Musings

howdoilovethee trophyThat’s right, you read it in the title, #memeespoetryparties is a successful, once-monthly reoccurring event happening right here, at Memee’s Musings. You can participate by submitting your original theme-fitting poetry and/or vote for your favorite poem each month.

We had a great sampling of Love poems this month and Wow, I cannot believe the quality.  Each and every entrant claimed to be a novice, a new poet, but each and every poem was surprising, magnificent, real and heartfelt.  Whether it was about love of yourself, a family member, a love interest, be it the discovery of first love or the loss of your love, regardless of whether the love was good or the love was destructive each and every poem was truly meaningful and they all brought out true emotion in me as I read them.

I believe we all grew as writers, as poets, as bloggers, as humans and…

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Beliefs and myths

A very intriguing view on the personal beliefs from my fellow blogger, kyrathea. Check this out and visit her blog for more great posts!


My beliefs are so many that I will have to update this post when I remember something.  :p  I first believe in God the Father, the Son, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. I believe in the Blessed Virgin Mary and her Power and love that she can intercede for mankind. And then I believed in Fairies and Gnomes that lived in our house and gardens and everywhere they might make their home, I believed in witches who can cure and can also curse. I believed in Heaven, Purgatory and Hell. I wasn’t sure if there was something in between those called ‘Limbo’. I was afraid to believe in the Greek Gods whose stories (myth) I adored but I really wanted to ,only the fear of burning in hell was stopping me (happens when you are a Roman Catholic).

Now, after I left being a Roman Catholic- I believed in…

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