Song Sparrow

My newest post for The Broken Compasses. This was actually last week’s theme given to us by Devika, but I didn’t have time to write until today. The theme was inspiration, so I chose the song sparrow.

The Broken Compasses


Their song is sung
even in the darkest of nights.
Bringing the world around them
once more to life.

Their voices-
so vibrant,
so vivid,
so poignant,
and clear.
Gives them strength
to face their fears.

For the sparrow sings
its songs of life
in moments of power
and in moments of strife.

No matter how far
they may roam-
the song of their soul
makes the world their home.

Devika suggested that we write about something that inspires us. I chose the song sparrow. They are one of the most adaptable animals on earth and can live in the best-or worst- of situations, and throughout it all, they continue to sing.

I think these birds can teach us a thing or two.

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Dame of Destruction

My newest post on The Broken Compasses. This week’s theme was to write something to show our support for those affected by the earthquakes in Nepal and North India.

The Broken Compasses


Unwelcome, she visits anyway.
Through her eruptions of fury.
Her power is relentless.
Her anger is unparalleled.

She takes hold
of our cities,
our homes,
our lives.

Her grip grows
tighter and tighter-
until we can no longer breathe.

Rattling us-
until our souls are bruised,
our bones are cracked,
our hearts are broken.

We’re covered in contusions.
And cluttered by concussions.

She shakes us-
Until she finds something else
to bide her time.

Destruction’s attention
isn’t kept for long.

We never know
when she’s coming for a visit,
or when she’ll decide to leave.

But we can
and we will
overcome her strength.

For our forces are greater
than any force she can impose.

We pray.
We hope.
We fight.

She can destroy our homes.
But she can never tear down our faith.

After the ground stops shaking,
after the tremors cease,
The dust and debris will subside-

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Thoughts needed!
Yes, four brains are better than one, but they can still run out of ideas. So, The Broken Compasses are asking you to help us think of future themes! Let’s all put our heads together and maybe… just maybe… our brains can come up with something incredible! 🙂

The Broken Compasses

Yep. You read that right. The four diversified dames are in dire need of your loving help!

As you may all know, the four of us are set to post any piece on a particular day and so far has been so much fun to come up with a weekly theme — sharing, laughing and exchanging thoughts with each other. And as much as we love writing about our separate journeys from unlikely different corners of the world, we too run out of ideas (because we’re no superhumans like you!) and we are kindly asking for your little help and give us some ideas to generate and write about!

The topic that will be given by you could cover anything under, inside, above and beyond that beautiful shining sun. Most likely all your topics will be chosen, then we’ll include a link to your blog in our post as a…

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The Masked Thief

My newest poem for my other blog, The Broken Compasses. Our theme was to write in the eyes of an animal native to our country. I chose the raccoon, you’ll see why if you read on. Hope you enjoy!

The Broken Compasses

I wear a mask over my eyes
to help me see in the dark of night.
Through cities and towns, I scavenge and sneak
and in your garbage, I surely will peek.

I’m a thief, who will rob you blind
of any food you leave outside.
I’m marked with rings around my tail
and have strong little hands, that may look quite frail.

I have sharp claws and teeth,
They’re the only defenses I keep.
I love to climb and play
and sleep all throughout the day.

I am very protective of myself
and I watch out for everyone else.
Some people may keep me as a pet,
so don’t be too surprised if you see me at the vet.

Raccoons are native to North America and can be found all over the country, except for in some southwestern states.

They have always been one of my favorite animals. I’ve had 2…

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The World of America

This is my second post on The Broken Compasses. It’s not how I typically write, because I only had a short period of time to write this in. But, it is an overview of America and how vastly different it is from one town to the next. Hope you enjoy it!

The Broken Compasses

America is a vastly diverse country filled with everything from farms and fields to cities and skyscrapers- And it all began with my personal heritage, Native Americans. Before the Europeans came to America in 1492, approximately 78 million Native Americans inhabited the land. They had their own systems of government, set of beliefs, and way of living and after the Europeans claimed the land, they began developing their own, which eventually evolved into the U.S. systems in place today.


The Europeans developed 13 colonies from Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Georgia, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maryland, South Carolina, North Carolina, New Hampshire, Virginia, New York, and Rhode Island. However, they still belonged to the British Empire. To break free from European Monarchy and aristocracy and gain their independence, they began the American Revolution. On July 4, 1776, the Declaration of Independence was signed indicating their independence from Great Britain.


Throughout the years, people from all…

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America the Beautiful

This is my first post on my other blog, The Broken Compasses! Malvika and Danica have written beautiful pieces on their countries as well, so stop by and check it out!

The Broken Compasses

The United States of America.
The “Land of the Free.”
Where people of all kinds
Have traveled far to be.


Here, there is a diversity
Much different from other places
With the urbanites and cities
To the country and wide open spaces.


A melting pot of sorts
Where cultures collide.
Most of our commodities
Are all around, worldwide.


Entertainment and sports
Seem to rule the land.
But we honor our veterans
Who have taken the stand.


American culture
Isn’t one thing or the other.
It’s simply a country
That’s not like any other.

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Collaboration Blog – The Broken Compasses


I would like to invite everyone to come visit the new blog, The Broken Compasses, dedicated to the diversity between Malvika from India, Ellie from the U.K., Danica from the Philippines, and myself from the U.S.

We will post each week on different topics about the differences between our cultures and lifestyles through poetry, prose, and essays. For our opening week, we are writing to introduce ourselves and Danica kicked us off today.

Our posting schedule is:

Monday – Danica, Philippines

Wednesday – Malvika, India

Friday – Blair (myself), U.S.

Sunday – Ellie, U.K.

We hope you stop by and enjoy what you see! 🙂