Who is the culprit
of true deceit?
Is it the image portrayed
or the view of many?
Is it my mind
playing tricks on me,
or is the reflection
reflecting insincerity?

Are my eyes the liars
or is it the mirror?
Looking inside,
sometimes I see
something unfamiliar
staring back at me.
A ghost- a phantom
of what once was.
Not what I am now-
Not what I have become.

False Prophet


He had her transfixed by the way he spoke-
The elegance,
the confidence that escaped his lips
was nothing like anything
she had ever heard.

She was enchanted by his knowledge,
bewitched by his words.
When his mouth was poised, ready to speak,
she knew as his voice echoed through her mind,
her body would grow weak.

Her heart would beat
with the pulse of his tongue
as his thoughts flowed out
and struck her soul.
But as it pierced and prodded
deep into her core, she would begin to doubt
if his act of sanctity was only a chore.
Was he a prophet?
Or simply corrupt?

Were the words he spoke
intended for beauty?
Or had she mistook
the propriety for cruelty?

As his voice resonated in her ears,
she couldn’t escape the sounds.
The sounds of his wicked words
uttered by that twisted tongue
declared his deplorable discourse
disguised by false diety.

But he regarded himself as the truth
and hid behind the lies.
And when she listened closely
she could hear that his words
were nothing but a guise.

The beautiful language
he seemed to whisper directly to her heart
was the weapon he chose
to tear the world apart.

Collapsing Faith


If only the world wouldn’t wait
to finally face its formidable fate.
As people begin to worship the sin,
we will end before our time.
As everyone is at a loss for their sane state of mind.

The collapsing faith
and the public’s malicious face
are corrupting the land-
as the waters are dissipating
and the ground is disintegrating,
people are growing out of hand.

Communication has ceased,
thoughts have vanished.
All that’s left are the hearts that have been tarnished.
Tarnished by the stain of negligent acts.
and covered in cracks
created by our twisted tactics.

We no longer breathe as we once did.
Air cannot fill these lungs.
We gasp for breath
and plead for blood to again course through our veins.
Though all we are
are our remains-
as our souls were trapped by death.

We can’t believe in the light-
As we’re buried in the darkness,
broken down by the weight of the earth
and sealed away from the rest of the world.

I usually don’t post very controversial stuff, but this is what I think: If this offends you, then maybe you should read it again.

Road Blocks – No E Story

Kasim nominated me to do the no ‘e’ challenge, but turn it into a story.
This isn’t really a complete story, but it’s something haha.


Ink has a way of spilling into your blood and vanquishing your familiar body. Taking what you know and transforming it into an unfamiliar ghost of what was. That’s why I am what I am.
My lungs gasp for words as my mind thirsts for a story. As I’m imagining what could occur, I am portraying my world as I know it- not as it truly is.
So many things block my path- and I can’t find ways to pass by. But my own thought is usually my road block. This block that’s contaminating my mind and soul. I lay down rocks in front of my path that I cannot climb, and as soon as I try, I fall. I fall into oblivion without anything to land on. My surroundings diminish as my mind dissipates into nothing.

Powerful Words – Interactive Poetry

Words.Become.Legacies gave me NINE words for my interactive poetry! They were tide, hide, hills, mountains, shatter, mend, defend, believe, and everlasting. . Here’s what came to mind!


She was taught to hide herself
away from the world
so no one would learn
of the secrets she may hold.

One mistep-one mistake
and it would all unravel
all that’s been built
could suddenly shatter.

But she refused to accept
that she had this power within,
and believed that no matter what might break,
she would be able to mend-
Mend the mistakes of those before
and defend her stance on the troubles of the world.

She had to search for her breath
as the tide inside of her rose
but she gasped for air
as she began to write her prose.

She sewed the thoughts together
as knew what needed to be said,
even if one wrong word
could tear the threads.

She would have to fight back
and climb the hills- the mountains-
that stood in her way.
And battle the arguments
that she was sure to face.

But as soon as the words turned to ink,
she stood unsteadily on the brink-
On the brink of change,
of something finally being done-
to fix the world and all that was wrong.

This ink may stain
the view of many-
But her everlasting thoughts
would transform the lives of plenty.

Giveaway Contest!

To some, this may not be a huge deal, but to me- it’s massive.

I have reached over 1,000 email followers on WordPress and am nearing 1,000 WordPress account followers. I never expected 1 person to read my work, nonetheless, this many. I really appreciate everyone who reads/follows/comments on my posts, it really does mean the world to me.

With that said, I have decided to hold my first contest and giveaway!

The only guideline for the contest is to write a poem about my favorite poetic subject- society or humanity. It doesn’t matter what you have to say about them, just as long as it’s something.

I am planning on choosing 3 winners, maybe more, maybe less depending on how much I like the submissions and how many people participate.

The winner will receive:

-A post on my blog dedicated to their submission poem.

-A signed copy of his/her favorite poem of mine.

-A signed copy of my favorite poem of mine.

-A collection of new poems that haven’t been published.

-A sneak peek at my first chapbook.

I have only one rule: 

No profanity.

To submit an entry, you can post it onto your blog and comment a link below, or contact me through Email, Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter. 





Hope you participate and enjoy! 🙂