Pains of the Past – Interactive Poetry

The Warrior gave me the words galaxy, unknown, hope, purpose, illusion, and nothing for my interactive poetry. I decided to do another alphabetical poem with these words. Hope you enjoy! 🙂


Accepting that the world is not as it once was.
Beckoning for the past is a lost cause.
Change is inevitable, as we will find.
Do things really get any better with time?
Everyone’s lost-
Facing the unknown,
Going beyond what they had been shown.
Hope is the reason we continue to move.
Inside we believe there’s something coming soon.
Just a small spark to set our lives ablaze.
Keep that fire burning for the rest of our days.
Lost- when the flames go out.
Most of us fight for the stars and the galaxy to remain-
Never to change, staying the same.
Only, nothing is set forever.
People deny themselves of what their purpose may be.
Quarreling each day over how we think things should be.
Reality exists in a world of illusions-
Shifting its appearance each time we look.
Tomorrow is a new day to learn of its diversity,
Understand ourselves before we’re subject to adversity.
Voids felt deep within-
With our knowledge that the end truly is the end.
Xeroxing the past isn’t possible-
Yearning for something we once had
Zones us away from all that we have.