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August 2016… the last time I logged in on this blog and wow, so, so much has changed.

Over a year ago, I took a *much longer than intended* break from blogging, social media, and writing all together because I felt that because of all of the real world commitments I had made, I couldn’t commit to much in this virtual world. While life stressors seem to be building and life seems to be growing more and more hectic by the hour, I still feel empty. I feel like I’m missing something, that I’m not doing something that I’m supposed to be doing- which feels very similar to walking into a room and forgetting why. It’s aggravating, frustrating, and you feel taunted by your forgetfulness.

I recently downloaded Google Docs so that I could write something for grad-school (Social Work), and came across my rough, ROUGH draft of a poetry book I started about 2 years ago. I hadn’t looked at it since leaving this blog. It flooded my heart and filled that strange void I was feeling.

I plan get back into the rhythm of things and get my flow back… get it… rhythm and flow… like a poem..? Ah, forget it!

ANYWAY, without further ado, I just wanted to re-introduce myself to this wonderful community. I hope we will get to know one another soon!

❤ Allison

Dear Me – Epistolary Poem

Dear Me,

What have you become? You’ve crashed, due to a faulty system. Maybe your wiring’s bad. Or your connection has faded. It’s like you lost all you had, and the cost left you jaded. You’ve plugged yourself into too many sources and now you’re stuck running their courses. Jumping their hurdles, running their races. Passing by so quickly, it’s nothing but a blur of faces. Make it stop, or at least slow down. I’m tired of seeing your face stained with a frown. You’re fighting a battle, I know you are. But don’t waste your life on the front lines of war. Calm down, breathe, and let go. It will be hard, but take it slow. You’re stretching too far and wearing yourself thin, give yourself time to let it all in. Don’t become this figment of who you were, live for today and be all that you are.




The blood pumping
through my veins
or the thoughts
that can’t escape my brain.
-What is it
that makes me believe
that the world around me
isn’t all that it seems?

I look beyond
what’s plain to see
and open my eyes
to what could be.

So many others
hold their eyes closed
and to what I know,
they’ll never be exposed.

Keeping their vision
planted too firmly in reality
restrains their growth
and erases their morality.

For all they see
is all the cruelty,
what’s real, set in concrete-
instead of all the possibilities.

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What Happens

What happens-
when it all stops?
You’re moving forward
– nothing can get in your way.
Then suddenly,
a boulder crashes down,
blocking your path.
There’s no detours.
No service to call for help.
You’re stranded.
Fearing the coming dark.

What happens-
when the light fades?
You’re caught.
In the black of the night.
There’s no light,
no guide.
Only the darkness
blocking your sight.
So you wait
for the sun to shine again.

What happens-
when skies open up?
Is it just another day
to sit, stranded?
How do you crash the boulder
that crashed your life?

What happens-
when it all stops?

Now That You’re Gone


It’s like a million needles
piercing my heart
each time
you appear in my thoughts.

You live in memory-
In the past.
But history remains a part of us.
So with me you will stay.

I will always miss
your arms around my neck,
your face against mine,
and the feel of your gentle heartbeat against my chest.

Replacing you is impossible.
And forgetting you is unimaginable.
You will forever be in my soul
and there, you will never fade away.

The Wrecked


Those who truly care
are locked out of sight.
The rest are emotionless, bare-
Only faking polite.

Their manners have diminished,
their compassion is frayed.
We are all unfinished,
our colors all fade.

But those who act
like what they are not-
their hearts are cracked,
their throats, tied in knots.

The rest who provide
humanity and respect
should feel pride
for not becoming wrecked.

Sewn Heart – Collaboration with achocoholic

I met achocoholic on instagram and we recently did a collaboration. It was a pleasure working with her. Here’s what came of it, hope you enjoy!


“The threads that once held
my heart together
are now beginning to fray.
They’re worn,
they’re torn,
and they’re breaking away.”
-Blair King
@theauthoresss (instagram)

“But I will pull together
the broken pieces of my heart,
sew them with fences
and barbed wires instead,
something that will be hard
to get into and break.”
-@chocoholicconfessions (instagram)

Who We Love To Hate – Interactive Poetry

Viera Reign ( gave me the words fear, love, like, and irony for my interactive poetry.

A lot of people claim to hate a person or group because of something they are or believe in, but what does that hatred stem from? Many times, it’s not the hatred of the person, but of their bravery for standing up for something that the other person is too afraid to accept about themselves.

Sometimes the iron
in the irony hits hard.
It’s no longer funny-
you’ve gone too far.

You take someone
you have never met
and laugh them away
like they don’t matter a bit.

You say that they’re weird,
stupid, and dumb
but you don’t know
where they’re coming from.

This indifference felt
by the people who judge
aren’t really that much different
there’s a reason for that grudge.

Sometimes the people
we love to hate
mirror our fears
of our own fate.

The Fog of Yesterday


The wind
from each passing day
breezes by
with nothing left to say.
leaving the world to chance.
ignoring all I had planned.

Why do the days
pass by without notice?
I never moved
but days passed fall from focus.

The world around me
is suddenly changing.
Every day-
nothing’s the same.

How am I surrounded
by things I’m so unsure of,
but so lost
in this expanding fog?

This fog of yesterday
clouding my soul
clenching on
to all I’ve ever known.

But yesterday is gone
it’s in the past.
No matter how bad you may need it-
It never lasts.

Hans Zimmer – Interactive Poetry

The words Zimmer, train, and moist were given to me by Annie ( for my interactive poetry. I hadn’t had time to devote to my interactive poetry for a long time now, and I just happened to have a free moment today, so I decided to work on this. Hope you enjoy 🙂
P.S. Hans Zimmer is a film composer that wrote the soundtrack to one of my all-time favorite movies, Pirates of the Caribbean. If you didn’t know who he was, this poem may have made no sense to you, so I thought I would clarify in case someone wasn’t familiar with the name.

Lying here, with clutter
and confusion trapped in my mind
as Hans Zimmer unveils his orchestra
and they begin to unwind.

As the beat grows stronger,
something inside me stirs.
So I listen longer
until the chorus unfurls.

The beauty of the music
drowns all of the sounds.

The train no longer grumbles,
there’s no more buzzing of bees.
My mind no longer mumbles.
It’s just the music that surrounds me.

I lie in the grass-
Still moist from last night rain.
I remain still as I listen
to the very last strain.

Once the music has ended,
The world is no longer the same.

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