The Abyss


Reaching across the barrier
into the darkness.
Blind to the forces
congregated in the abyss.

Faces emerge
through the obsidian air
but to what they are,
you are unaware.

Demons that lurk
in the depth of the night?
or figments
that have escaped your mind?

Your eyes closed-
and your hand extended.
Facing those fears
that remained suspended.

Suspended- in the back
of your wandering thoughts.
Just floating above
that line you’d never cross.

But here you stand-
on the edge of innocence and sin,
questioning where one ends
and the other begins.

The Darkness – Interactive Poetry

Amulya gave me the words scar and devil for my interactive poetry. I for some reason had a difficult time figuring out how to link these two together without being offensive to anyone or religions, so here goes!

This darkness impedes
the growth of day.
With nighttime prevailing,
we’re doomed to stay
locked in our nightmares
where monsters can reach us—
where our fears are real,
and our hearts become callous.
Our souls have scars
from the never ending torment
of questioning the nature
of our world’s content.

Why does it impose
such darkness on us all—
where the devils rise
and the angels fall?
Our universe has changed,
and so have our lives.
It’s no longer about living right,
it’s about trying to survive.


If you have words you would like me to use in a poem, comment on here or on my interactive poetry post and I’ll be glad to write something and link you to the post!

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