Rock and Roll Love Story – Interactive Poetry

Alexis gave me the words girl, charm, boy, and anger for my interactive poetry.
It’s taken me a long time to write, because I haven’t had much time to sit down and think about it. Sorry it’s been so long.

Once upon a time,
in a far away land,
lived a young boy
in a rock and roll band.

A girl and her family
moved in across the street.
Once the boy saw her,
He hoped they would meet.

She was pretty,
unlike the girls he knew.
With long blonde hair
and eyes of blue.

She wore simple dresses
of bright yellows and greens,
she was so put together,
so neat and clean.

She only ever saw him
from afar
and didn’t think much about him,
until she saw his guitar.

This made her wonder
and want to know
who this boy was.
For days, this wonder did nothing but grow.

This curiosity ate at her-
So finally, she decided
to find out who he was,
To maybe no longer be divided.

She had to ask permission
but her parents told her “no,
he is a bad influence.
You’re not allowed to go.”

Her parents were straight-laced.
Said rock music was bad.
They didn’t listen to it,
but didn’t know their daughter had.

She went anyway,
one day after school.
They talked for awhile-
he seemed pretty cool.

But he didn’t know
how to act.
For the first time ever,
he was too nervous to react.

She was pretty,
smart, and put together.
He was a drop-out
dressed in leather.

But he had this charm
-just, something about him.
She wanted to know more,
so she went out on a limb.

They began to see each other
more and more.
They both fell in love,
unsure of what the future had in store.

Her parents hated him-
his attitude and style,
This relationship filled them with anger
but they were only in denial.

They thought their daughter
was too good for this guy.
But they had forgotten
the rules they used to live by.

The young girl
didn’t get her interests from no where.
Her parents used to be rockers,
wearing leather and long hair.

After they met this boy
and realized the truth.
His rough appearance is only a shell-
his love for her was enough proof.


If you have words you would like me to use in a poem, comment on here or on my interactive poetry post and I’ll be glad to write something and link you to the post!