Simple words
from vacant voices,
mindless tongues.

Empty sounds
fill the unfamiliar

Heart pounding,
forcing smiles.
Eyes staring,
palms resting
on my shoulders.


My hands quietly rattle
the light grocery bag
my past
as I follow them
to a room.

my room

They say they’re here
for me,
they say they care.

But all I hear
are vague sounds
from the mouths
of strangers.

Simple words
that have been said before.


is now

Life is a Dream


Questioning the unquestionable,
seeing the unseen,
believing the unbelievable,
like life is only a dream.

Gliding through thought
like it’s the last of your life.
Bending over backwards
to make it all seem right.

Moving without notice.
Blind to every scene.
What does it all matter?
What does it even mean?

When you think with cognition
and breathe only with your lungs,
the air around you disappears
and leaves you there with none.

If only you could tell yourself
nothing is as it seems,
you’ll stand even stronger
since life is only a dream.


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The Choice

How do you know what to do?
The choices you make define you.
You could choose one or the other,
but what if you should have chose another?

If I choose a choice
to speak my voice
will my words remain unheard?

But if I choose the choice
to muffle my voice
will my words become too blurred?

But is the choice to choose
the one I feel
is the one I cannot refuse?

Or is the choice to choose
the one I know
is the one that will ignite my fuse?

A life,
no matter what choices you choose,
is only worth living,
if your choices were made for you.