The Undefeated Villain


It has always been there
and always will be.
Harboring your thoughts,
fostering your emotions,
compelling your actions.
It follows you around
like a shadow on your back.
Sometimes, it seems to simply lurk,
making no sound at all.
But it won’t stay silent for long.
When it finally decides to be heard,
you know just what its voice can do.
It can slink down your spine
and seep into your soul.
Causing your core
to grow cold and clammy.
Nauseating you.
Sickening you.
Disgusting you.
You can try to convince yourself
that its clutch is only temporary,
that you can somehow break free
of the shackles it confines you in.
But soon you will realize
that you are just a prisoner
of your own war.
That the only villain in your midst
is the one defeated
only by destroying yourself.
Some battle the enemy in their minds,
others succumb to its desires.
But the beast will remain untamed,
the villain, undefeated.
For no one has power over themselves.

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