What are You Thinking?

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What are you thinking?

A question- so daunting.
That’s taunting,
And haunting my soul.

I say I want answers,
But what happens when they’re said?
Sometimes a word
can pull the last thread.

This intricately woven article
We hold so dear-
Is also the thing
We have grown to fear.

What are you thinking?

About me
About us
About everything you had-
About everything you’ve lost

Our minds are disconnected
Yet our hearts are entwined.
Is it only me, who feels affected
By this emptiness inside?

What are you thinking?

…But if your thoughts became words
And finally spoke your heart,
Reaching mine might be a bridge too far.

The Thief – Interactive Poetry

Fictionari requested that I write a poem “reflecting ideas of ‘loneliness’, ‘quest for love and partner’, ‘in relationship’, ‘plight’, and ‘betrayal’, not using these terms in words” for my Interactive Poetry. I wanted to write something a little different… So here it is!

Several years out of school
Her friends all moved away.
They tried to keep in touch
But ran out of things to say.

She found herself detached
From the world that she once knew.
so she needed to move on
And find something new.

She tried meeting friends
But wasn’t sure how to connect
Then he came a long
And suddenly her life seemed perfect.

He was everything she wanted.
Kind, intelligent, handsome, and tall.
With him, she felt right
Like she finally had it all.

She had no reason
To disbelieve what he was saying
Until the threads in his stories
Eventually started fraying.

She feared the day
That things would end.
And she didn’t know what to do.
She couldn’t lose her only friend.

Was he what she needed
Or did she only make him up to be?
Then finally she saw
Everything she needed to see.

He wasn’t who he said he was.
How could she have fallen for his lies?
Maybe she would have seen this coming
If she wasn’t too afriad to open her eyes.

She was only looking
For an old receipt
When she found a stack of papers
That showed proof of his deceit.

His bank accounts were drained
And bills were all past due.
But he had a safe full of money
What does this man do?

So she brought it to him and asked again,
“What do you do for a living?”
He simply said,
“I dedicated my life to giving

-Or taking,
If that’s how you choose to see it.
I take from the rich and give to myself
More than them, I need it.”

He was a thief.
Who drove off with the last of her trust
And left her standing there,
Choking on the dust.


If you have words you would like me to use in a poem, comment on here or on my interactive poetry post and I’ll be glad to write something and link you to the post!

Working Together

The structure is weak.
And the floors aren’t sturdy.
I’m laying down bricks
And you’re packing in mortar.
There are cracks in the walls
And the windows are broken.
There are holes in the roof
And the pipes are frozen.
This house has weathered
So many storms.
But we’re here together
Trying to repair our home.
No matter how hard
The rain may pour
If we never give up
And continue to mend,
Our house will stand
And never cave in.