My Birthday Poem

My fiancé wrote this for me and randomly recited it to me on my birthday last week.

“Who is this brunette beauty
who’s hair glistens in the mid day sun,
hazel eyes more green than brown
that sparkle like stars
hung in the midnight sky
that I get lost in over and over”

I thought it was sweet, so I figured I would share 🙂

Betrayal – Interactive Poetry

Muskan gave me the words betrayal, hurt, stab, and revenge for my interactive poetry. Here’s what I came up with!


Is it betrayal
if I knew it was coming?
If I saw it in your eyes-
If I noticed your disguise,
as you tried hiding behind your mask?

You carried a dagger
wherever you went.
Piercing me with your stares-
Cutting right through me,
pretending you cared.

It hurt-
when I felt that final stab
seep deep inside.
But what is love
if it isn’t covered
by facades and lies?

So I put up a front
acting as if I had never known-
Never known that it was all an act,
that you were playing a part.

But when we both began pretending
the curtains rose
and made way for anxious eyes
ready to watch our show.

Fighting for the lead,
we battled each other.
Standing on the front lines
of love and revenge
Hoping that at least one of us
would finally win.

I Am Drowning

The idea has still not settled.
My body is still shaking-
My heart is still racing.
But my mind is still.
Only a single thought
is left sitting here,
As I’m sitting here.
I look at you
with my tear stained eyes
as you look back,
acting surprised.
“How could you…”
I feel my lungs
chasing the air.
Staring at you,
noticing your lack of care.
My oceans have risen
and my world has flooded.
I’m sitting here
“How could you do this…
to me?”

Rock and Roll Love Story – Interactive Poetry

Alexis gave me the words girl, charm, boy, and anger for my interactive poetry.
It’s taken me a long time to write, because I haven’t had much time to sit down and think about it. Sorry it’s been so long.

Once upon a time,
in a far away land,
lived a young boy
in a rock and roll band.

A girl and her family
moved in across the street.
Once the boy saw her,
He hoped they would meet.

She was pretty,
unlike the girls he knew.
With long blonde hair
and eyes of blue.

She wore simple dresses
of bright yellows and greens,
she was so put together,
so neat and clean.

She only ever saw him
from afar
and didn’t think much about him,
until she saw his guitar.

This made her wonder
and want to know
who this boy was.
For days, this wonder did nothing but grow.

This curiosity ate at her-
So finally, she decided
to find out who he was,
To maybe no longer be divided.

She had to ask permission
but her parents told her “no,
he is a bad influence.
You’re not allowed to go.”

Her parents were straight-laced.
Said rock music was bad.
They didn’t listen to it,
but didn’t know their daughter had.

She went anyway,
one day after school.
They talked for awhile-
he seemed pretty cool.

But he didn’t know
how to act.
For the first time ever,
he was too nervous to react.

She was pretty,
smart, and put together.
He was a drop-out
dressed in leather.

But he had this charm
-just, something about him.
She wanted to know more,
so she went out on a limb.

They began to see each other
more and more.
They both fell in love,
unsure of what the future had in store.

Her parents hated him-
his attitude and style,
This relationship filled them with anger
but they were only in denial.

They thought their daughter
was too good for this guy.
But they had forgotten
the rules they used to live by.

The young girl
didn’t get her interests from no where.
Her parents used to be rockers,
wearing leather and long hair.

After they met this boy
and realized the truth.
His rough appearance is only a shell-
his love for her was enough proof.


If you have words you would like me to use in a poem, comment on here or on my interactive poetry post and I’ll be glad to write something and link you to the post!

The Loss – Interactive Poetry

Amagove gave me the words blood, pain, a little baby, and emptiness to explain the loss of a child for my interactive poetry. I have never experienced this, but here is what I came up with.

She looked down at the blood stained bed,
staring at the shades of brown and red.
Her hands trembled as she wiped her tears.
She never thought she would have to face this fear.

Thoughts of could have been’s and if only’s
filled her mind, as her soul grew lonely.
This emptiness enveloped all of her being
as her heart sank to the silence of his not beating.

Something so small- a little baby
and the hope of maybe… just maybe
caused so much pain in this mother’s heart
that it clenched onto her spirit and tore her apart.


If you have words you would like me to use in a poem, comment on here or on my interactive poetry post and I’ll be glad to write something and link you to the post!

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Apocalyptic Love – Interactive Poetry

I wasn’t going to post this one so soon, but I left my notebook at home and I had this saved in drafts.
This is the poem written for my interactive poetry with the words zephyr, heffer, and apocalyptic. Given to me by Memee from Memee’s Musings!

He wanted a girl
fine and gentle
until an unexpected love unfurled
and a flame kindled.

He had always imagined
someone light, like a zephyr
but instead fell for someone
he considered a heffer.

She was beautiful,
kind, and sweet.
But her body was dull
and he considered that a feat.

He belived
that if he could look past her body
maybe the way he perceived
wasn’t so shoddy.

But as time went by,
he would think of his love and regret.
All the while, he ignored his eye
and the large plank that was stuck in it.

His best times
were spent with her
but he neglected the signs
and left her.

After years of loneliness and isolation,
he realized he made this choice
before consultation
with the loud, boasting voice.

This voice inside of his heart
tried to speak above the noise of his mind.
But each time it would try to start,
He would push it back and keep it confined.

He truly saw himself
for the first time in awhile.
He put the truth away up on a shelf
and lived in denial.

He too, was not a light man
he had let himself go
yet resented this woman.
For what? He didn’t know.

Finally he discovered
that love is not cryptic.
But this love he once had
became apocalyptic.

Without her, he now has nothing.
His world came to an end.
The pain is intolerable and crushing.
But it’s up to her, how his life will be spent.

Maybe she’ll forgive him
for being so naive.
Or maybe she’ll forget him
and find a man who would never leave.


If you have words you would like me to use in a poem, comment on here or on my interactive poetry post and I’ll be glad to write something and link you to the post!

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What Terrible Things Love Can Do


I saw her and I knew,
right then and there,
That what they say is true,
life isn’t fair.

She once was bright and beautiful
and so full of life.
But she was a fool
and lived to be his wife.

She lost herself
behind the curtain of him
and when he left,
it was like she forgot how to swim.

He threw her off of his ship
and left her stranded in the sea
with only a prayer that the tides don’t rip
and no idea of what her future may be.

Once he was gone,
she was too.
The platform she stood on
had fallen through.

She slowly faded
under the lights of depression.
Now she’s jaded
and holds and unfamiliar expression.

When my eyes fell upon her,
I thought that they were lying
or that my vision was blurred.
But it was clear, she had been dying.

He killed her, he let her drown.
All alone, not knowing where to turn.
The first time I had ever seen her frown
was that day which caused me to learn
what terrible things love can do
when you give your all to someone
who will return nothing to you.

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Connections are fragile.
The nails could rust
The rope could snap
The cord could come unplugged.

No matter how far we stretch
To reach the thing
That holds us together,
It always seems too far to grasp.

One side begins to slip away
As the other stops holding on.

Gravity pulls downward
As the weight of one another
Becomes too heavy to bear.

When one side finally falls,
The other side stands tall.

Once that nail
That rope
That cord
Is replaced,
The fallen are forgotten
And the survivors move on.

How Do You Know?

How do you know
If somethings meant to be?
He’s the only person I’m happy with
But the only one who’s ever really hurt me.

He listens to me complain
And remembers my random rants.
But he can never seem to keep in mind
All the times that we make plans.

He knows more of me
Than I can recognize myself.
But he doesn’t always let me see
His true self.

He has lied to my face.
But has been more honest than others.
He can make me feel like I’m in the right place,
But I usually feel like a bother.

Sports and friends
seem to always come first
Even when I would drop my world
To spend time with him.

We’ve argued, we’ve fought
We’ve yelled, and we’ve cursed.
But we’ve loved, and we’ve cared
More than most.

So how do you know
If something is right?
Do you analyze the dark times
Or believe in the moments of light?