The Spark


As time passes by
the lights fade out
the darkness surrounding
fills our minds with doubt.
That the light had ever existed.
That the world once seemed like what it isn’t.

We lose our minds
and our souls slowly dim
as we’re trapped inside this never ending shade,
just waiting for our lives to begin…
Again? Amongst all this decay?
On this decrepit earth that once held our hopes?

But- what is our choice?
To become a headless creature of doubt?
Closed away from everyone around,
Living our lives lost in the dark,
Unable to open our eyes to see the spark.

The spark of light-
we were convinced that we imagined it.
But it only stayed as we moved past.
Time moves in circles,
not in a straight line,
So why are we still facing the night
and leaving the daylight behind?

Time Ticking By

Clock time being adjusted

The monotony of the day’s lagging nature.
Cycles upon endless cycles
of rote motions
and predictable outcomes.
It begins.
It ends.
The ticking clock stares you in the face.
Tricking you.
Time fools us all.
Tomorrow never comes
And yesterday is always gone.
Everyday is another day we will eventually forget.
Days sneak past us.
Disguised by tedium.
Our hours,
Our days,
Our lives,
dissolve in the air.
We become so lost in the pace of everyday.
And we allow the clock to continue it’s ticking
Until it’s time for our ticking to stop.

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In the looking glass-
a portrait stained.
As time passes,
all that remains
is a tattered heart
with a fading face
torn apart
and out of place.

in this reflective lens.
Not showing
what lives within.

Age is defined
by the crevices and cracks
created by time’s cruel hand.
Not by the fractures
embedded by man.

How can glass
tell the tale of time
when the true story
lies in souls and minds?

The Fog of Yesterday


The wind
from each passing day
breezes by
with nothing left to say.
leaving the world to chance.
ignoring all I had planned.

Why do the days
pass by without notice?
I never moved
but days passed fall from focus.

The world around me
is suddenly changing.
Every day-
nothing’s the same.

How am I surrounded
by things I’m so unsure of,
but so lost
in this expanding fog?

This fog of yesterday
clouding my soul
clenching on
to all I’ve ever known.

But yesterday is gone
it’s in the past.
No matter how bad you may need it-
It never lasts.

If for Just One Day…

I’m always late
But I’m all over the place.
Be here by eight
Be there by three,
Why can’t time
Stop chasing me?

I’m controlled by the clock
and dominated by my duties.
Everyday I feel overwhelmed
By the things I have to do
Shouldn’t have done
And didn’t get to.

If for just one day
I could control the clock,
I would finish my chores
…or maybe not.

I would probably
rest and relax
eat too much and take a nap
procrastinate until my day was over
Then be behind once again
And continue to wish
that time would move slower.