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25 thoughts on “Contact Me

  1. I stopped by to give you the partygoer badge that I created for Memee’s Poetry Party participants. I am hoping it will help get the word out and increase our party sizes! Maybe place it on an award page or put it in your next party piece, resize it to fit in the sidebar or footer, etc. Your poem Parade is posted on my page, Poetry Party Favor(ites).

    Here’ s the code!

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      1. My blog I take hours trying to fine-tooth comb it, but proofing comments, it just doesn’t happen. I don’t even have time to reply to every one who comments in a timely manner. I try to eventually catch back up with them, let them know I am appreciative, or continue the conversation. This blogging thing, it really is amazing the time commitment involved!

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        1. Haha I know, and things can really pile up. I have so many challenges and nominations to finish it’s ridiculous. I absolutely love getting them and I really appreciate each of them. I just need a day to sit down and get everything sorted out lol.

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          1. I saw that without an “e” challenge a few weeks ago and thought whether I could do it, every poetic thought I came up with, nearly every line had at least one e… doing it as a story, dang girl, that’s gotta be nearly impossible.

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          2. The hardest part is not using the word “the” lol. I had frame my sentences very differently to keep it out. Then I had trouble with words like “me,” “are,” “there,” and “then” I didn’t realize how much I used them until I was avoiding them haha.

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  2. Thank you for following! I honestly thought you were already following me because I see you around a lot, haha. I admire your work very much–it’s rhythm and flow are perfect–hence why I followed you when I first saw your blog. Thank you again!

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    1. Haha I actually thought I was following you too, maybe I was and I accidentally unfollowed you at some point. It wouldn’t be the first time- I’m always clicking things I shouldn’t while scrolling down the reader on my phone! Lol
      And no problem! Thank you for following me as well, I’m glad you enjoy my posts! 🙂

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      1. A typo in my comment bothers me. I meant “its” not “it’s”.
        Anyway, yeah that might be what happened, haha. I appreciate it nonetheless!

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  3. hey blair king haha thank you for liking and noticing my post 🙂 hope you can read it, are you filipino? (i hope so) so you can continue reading my thoughts about our society THANK YOU !


  4. First I would like to thank you for not only reading something I wrote, but to follow my blog as well. I am new to the writing world and even newer to blogging. I have been checking out our site here and I must say that I am very impressed and hope that I can become half as good. I look forward to your future work. Thank you again, any advice you may have, I am more than willing to listen.


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