Collaboration Blog – The Broken Compasses


I would like to invite everyone to come visit the new blog, The Broken Compasses, dedicated to the diversity between Malvika from India, Ellie from the U.K., Danica from the Philippines, and myself from the U.S.

We will post each week on different topics about the differences between our cultures and lifestyles through poetry, prose, and essays. For our opening week, we are writing to introduce ourselves and Danica kicked us off today.

Our posting schedule is:

Monday – Danica, Philippines

Wednesday – Malvika, India

Friday – Blair (myself), U.S.

Sunday – Ellie, U.K.

We hope you stop by and enjoy what you see! 🙂


18 thoughts on “Collaboration Blog – The Broken Compasses

  1. Well, considering I find so much inspiration from Blair, am a huge fan and in awe of Ellie, and find Malivika so wise beyond her years, I know I must follow your Collaboration Blog. This is very exciting ladies! I am eager to become one of your greatest fans and Danica, I look forward to heading over to your Dirty Diaries and checking that out too! A truly wonderful idea… and I think, though I could be wrong, you’re all relatively the same age, yes?

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      1. I will be 46 in June and have so much admiration for the three of you who I feel I know. I have already come up with this month’s poetry challenge and it is perfect for ya’ll and I hope you’ll participate. Running 1 blog is so much work, but running two is sheer madness so I am going to give you ladies a heads up on the theme. The theme is spring and I want to know how it is celebrated or enjoyed or whatever in each location. I realize that spring in one country can be very different than in another, the holidays, the weather, etc. So I am excited to learn about Spring in other parts of the world. As always, I’ll email you when we’re ready to party!


        1. Well it really means a lot to me and I’m sure it does to all of them as well!
          And I’m sure it will be, I barley have time to write my interactive poetry, so I’ll have to search for the time to write for this blog too haha.
          So do you want us to compare/contrast spring in our culture to spring in other cultures, or write about spring in our own culture, or write about spring in whatever culture we want to write it about?


          1. The assignment will be to write a poem about Spring. That’s it. It’s up to each of you to decide how you want to tackle it, just as you would anything else. I will allow you to additionally contribute a poem that all of you create together. That way individually you can enter and collaboratively you can enter. Makes sense to me, one poem per blog. It’d be fascinating to see how each of you enjoy springtime, but then see how you can come together to create one poem providing the scope of spring worldwide… or whatever! The only rule is “Springtime”. 🙂


      1. A collaboration sounds like a fascinating concept. To compare thoughts, wats of dealing with the same issues, or festivals in different parts of the world…! Good luck with it, I look forward to reading it! Xx

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