The Tide


Standing at the shore,
my toes buried in the wet sand,
the tide washing over my bare feet.
Am I ready to walk into the waves?
As I push myself foward,
I feel a tug in my chest,
yanking me backwards, away from the water.
I struggle to escape the clutch of my heart.
It pulling me back,
and I, pulling me forward.
As it finally unclenches it’s grasp,
I was thrown into the unfamiliar depths.
I fight the water
and take on the waves.
But the current grew too strong.
I was being pulled under.
Deeper and deeper.
Reaching for something to pull me up,
straining to stay afloat.
My lungs searching for air
and my heart aching of my betrayal.
As I sank into the abyss
and my body flooded,
my mind cleared up.
I realized my heart
knew something I didn’t
and if I would have given it
a breath of thought,
I may still have a breath left to breathe.


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