What Happens

What happens-
when it all stops?
You’re moving forward
– nothing can get in your way.
Then suddenly,
a boulder crashes down,
blocking your path.
There’s no detours.
No service to call for help.
You’re stranded.
Fearing the coming dark.

What happens-
when the light fades?
You’re caught.
In the black of the night.
There’s no light,
no guide.
Only the darkness
blocking your sight.
So you wait
for the sun to shine again.

What happens-
when skies open up?
Is it just another day
to sit, stranded?
How do you crash the boulder
that crashed your life?

What happens-
when it all stops?


20 thoughts on “What Happens

  1. When it all stops …. when the boulder blocks your way…..you sit back and restrategize you grow hope nd find strength either to break thru or to find a way around it. Nicely introspective

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  2. I’ve been there. You have to go to the next plan. It is a difficult thing in life to accept failure or change. It is something we will all face and the fork in the road is there for us to decide which way we will go.

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    1. That’s really what the choice is. Either give up on it and fail or change your course. Because there’s a very small chance that that you will actually crush that boulder in front of you.


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