We’re forever reaching
for something our hands can never grasp.
Craving, striving, vying for an idea–
a figment that has been standing
right in front of us.
These expectations of beauty
spark abandonment of the bleak.
Forever blocking them
from a life only the privileged
get to see.


13 thoughts on “Expectations

  1. I have a question for you. Where do you get your inspiration from? Do you like to read a particular poet or do you just let it come as you stare at a blank page.
    just let it come to you


    1. I actually don’t read poetry, except for the things assigned in my class. I usually just say, okay I feel like writing something and I do lol. I occasionally see a picture or read something that makes me want to write. The most recent example of that was that I wrote a poem titled “Evanescent Innocence” based on an idea I got from “I Go Back to May 1937” by Sharon Olds, which I only know of because my professor played a reading of that poem in class one day. But for me to do that is very rare.


  2. And I look around at the people
    They look down at me
    But the thing is they’re small
    They’re really quite hard to see
    And I know that they’re diluted
    And really quite far gone
    But somehow I can hear them
    And I hear them all along
    They tell me that I’m ugly
    I run to porcelain
    They tell me I am sinful
    I repent all my sins
    They tell me that I’ll never make it
    And I can’t help but listen
    But, then at night, when I look down
    Their anger makes a vision

    FYI my blog is now under the website laurietopin.com. Looking forward to seeing you there.


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