Pray For Paris


This has got to stop. This world is all of our homes- whether we live in the US, Europe, or the Middle East. We’re all humans, yet somehow, humanity is severely lacking. We shouldn’t have to be on guard when we close our eyes at night, when we wake up each morning, or when we step out of our house. Just because someone believes, thinks, looks, or speaks differently than you, doesn’t mean that they truly are all that different. They’re still a person, with a family, with a home, with hopes, dreams, and aspirations… they’re still a person with a life. Respect, love, and understanding need to finally step onto the stage because I’m starting to get very tired of the show I’ve been watching.

22 thoughts on “Pray For Paris

  1. We live in a world that allows very horrible people to get instant coverage and think they are promoting a message. Death of innocent people just causes other innocent people to be killed.


  2. I almost got raped shortly before noon today, walking up my street to the bus-stop. A security man later informed me another lady had been robbed earlier this same morning, on that same street, and countless others have been raped, sometimes killed, on that street. These because it’s an exclusive residential area with usually solitary roads which have bushes on their sides. Trying to decipher what’s happening in Nigeria, Syria, Paris and the world at large I wonder: “What are we as humans?”
    I’m beginning to think we need a redefinition of “human”. Because I fear we have lost the quality termed “humane”

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  3. Terrorist don’t have any religion ,they are mad people ,like we kill mad dog ,we need to kill them too ,problem is few countries are playing two sided game ,screaming to fight against terrorism ,on the back giving them arms and ammunitions


  4. Hate breeds hate. Unfortunately, these types of acts have gone on since the beginning of time. Now, we have the internet to bring us the news as it happens in real time.

    The irony that humans are thought to be the most intelligent of all species but humans are the only species I know that kill each other for sport.

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