I Hope It Rains On New Year’s


I hope it rains on New Year’s
to muddy the ground
that I’ve been treading,
forcing me to create new paths
and to leave what once was,
stuck in the past.

I want to hear the sounds
of beads trampling on the roof
as we count down to midnight,
each second, each moment,
renewed by the drops,
washing away the pain,
regrets, mistakes,
and heartbreak
of the year before
and remove the stains
on my heart.

I hope it rains on New Year’s
so I can be refreshed
and my life can bloom
as bright as I plan
in the year to come.

34 thoughts on “I Hope It Rains On New Year’s

  1. My favorite rain was in Cusco, Peru. Very sweet. I liked to watch it fall. So beautiful. Water. Life to the earth, to the plants, the trees. This year last fall dad says the rain gave a great harvest. I’m glad. That’s so good. Rain has meant good things for me as well. When I was young, I enjoyed running in the rain. I would run real hard to give the drops little chance to hit the ground before I’d pulverize them all. I’d like to be in New York again and see the rain there. Refreshing smells because of rain I love to feel in the air. Right after rains I would go out and smell and sniff the breeze to clean my lungs, attract good hums, and feel the good in the air. I like the rain, I like the sun, and both are very nice. Twould be so good to have a balance always without strife.

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    1. I love the rain as well. I love the sounds, the looks, the feel, everything. Sun is nice as well, but for some reason I prefer gloomy, overcast days for the most part haha. Unless I’m at the beach or something like that, of course. It’s been raining a lot here lately and I love it.


      1. Ah…sounds like acclimatization. I live in desert with usually very little rain. But…I spent years numerous in Peru, and I couldn’t stand the winters there in Lima–no sun, all clouds. Not much rain. Rarely. A few drops. The sun would come out, and it seemed like the whole atmosphere transformed into a glee of shiny happy people. The gloom and doom would get to me, and plus we would get mold on the back of our closet. That was probably the worst. All that crazy, awful mold. Course, twas my wife took care of all that, but…you say, gloomy overcast. Winters in Lima, Peru, are perfect for you. Sun doesn’t hardly show its face. I had to get out. Can’t handle that. I can’t stand too much sun, either. Too much just suffocates. You go a lot of places?


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