Betrayal – Interactive Poetry

Muskan gave me the words betrayal, hurt, stab, and revenge for my interactive poetry. Here’s what I came up with!


Is it betrayal
if I knew it was coming?
If I saw it in your eyes-
If I noticed your disguise,
as you tried hiding behind your mask?

You carried a dagger
wherever you went.
Piercing me with your stares-
Cutting right through me,
pretending you cared.

It hurt-
when I felt that final stab
seep deep inside.
But what is love
if it isn’t covered
by facades and lies?

So I put up a front
acting as if I had never known-
Never known that it was all an act,
that you were playing a part.

But when we both began pretending
the curtains rose
and made way for anxious eyes
ready to watch our show.

Fighting for the lead,
we battled each other.
Standing on the front lines
of love and revenge
Hoping that at least one of us
would finally win.

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