Cat’s Life

Perched in the window
sill, staring out at the birds
luring them to him.

Eyes glide back and forth,
mirroring the swift movement
of her loose shoe lace.

Stealthily crouching
behind the love seat ready
to pounce on his prey.

Lounging atop the
tower, away from every
thing and everyone.

Song Sparrow


Their song is sung
in even the darkest of nights.
Bringing the world around them
once more to life.

Their voices-
so vibrant,
so vivid,
so poignant,
and clear.
Gives them strength
to face their fears.

For the sparrow sings
its songs of life
in moments of power
and in moments of strife.

No matter how far
they may roam
the song of their soul
makes the world their home.

The song sparrows are one of the most adaptable animals on earth and can live in the best-or worst- of situations, and throughout it all, they continue to sing.

I think these birds can teach us a thing or two.

The Flock


I saw it perched
outside your bedroom window–
just sitting there, searing
its beaded, black eyes
through the pane.
Its slate wings slowy waved
and forth
as it crowed over its view.
The utterance of that wicked
sound drew another to its side
and that pair of feathered omens
gave hint that something
as dark as they
was on its way.
Their calls to the others
echoed through the bitter air,
freezing my lungs
and numbing my body–
I couldn’t breathe.
I couldn’t move.
Standing next door
on my porch,
glaring across the yard,
I could do nothing
but watch
as they waited,
for the murder to arrive.

Mystical Winds


The soothsayer’s forthcoming prophecies
& the enchantments that slip
through the thin lips
of the old, convulsed witch
speak nothing of the power
that abides in the breath
of the wind. Its mystical whispers
echo in our ears, casting its spells & expelling its essence–
it surrounds us all with certain magic.

Free Throw


He poises himself on the brink
of the black boundary
that blocks him from stepping
any closer.
Holding the orange ember
in his damp palms, he slowly lets it
to the floor
and bounce
back into his grip.
The stares of spectators sear
through his tightened muscles as he releases
the spark into the humid air.
For a moment, his eyes fall shut
as his heart tumbles
into his stomach and his throat lurches
with tension.
He prays as it arcs across the lane
that it will turn fireball
and burn through the net.
Then, he hears the ricochet
of the leather flame
as it hits the rim
and teeters on the edge,
along with him.

I changed my Two Sentence Story up a bit and transformed it into a poem.


who sees poetry in the death
of a leaf and its demise
as it tumbles down
onto the bitter, hard ground.
who hears music in the wind’s
constant whisper,
in its silence,
and in its screams.
who feels the rhythm in the beats
of monotony.
who senses the beauty, the pain,
the love, and the emotion
in the nature of life.
who knows everything
is worthy to be captivated, captured,
and treasured forever
is someone–
who was born
with a pen in their hand,
who is destined to write.

They see the world
as their muse,
accepting it all as nothing
but art.

My Birthday Poem

My fiancé wrote this for me and randomly recited it to me on my birthday last week.

“Who is this brunette beauty
who’s hair glistens in the mid day sun,
hazel eyes more green than brown
that sparkle like stars
hung in the midnight sky
that I get lost in over and over”

I thought it was sweet, so I figured I would share 🙂

Giveaway Contest DEADLINE!


I have decided the deadline for my giveaway will be AUGUST 15, 2015. I realize some of us are in differing time zones, so I will be lenient with this date.

Remember,  the topic of your submission is to be about society or humanity.
This can include:
-your views of society as a whole
-anything about humanity that you like/dislike
-the inner-workings of people
-how the world is, or how you think it is.
-what you think is becoming of society
-anything else you can think of.
There isn’t much constraint on the subject matter.

To submit an entry, you can post it onto your blog and comment a link below, or contact me through Email, Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter. 





Hope you participate and enjoy! 🙂

Feel free to ask any questions you may have!