Interactive Poetry – I Need Your Help

There’s something I want to do, but I need your help!

With school, work, and every day life happening all the time, it’s sometimes challenging to think of something to write about. I’ll find myself in need of a little push to get my mind into gear. So, I would like to begin doing some interactive poetry.

An exercise I use when I have the time, want to write, but am feeling a blockage, is I use a word generator that gives me several words to think about to center my poem around.

Once a week, I would like to post an interactive poem, that was inspired by words given to me by you.
I will use the given word(s) in my poem and include a link to your site. All you need to do is comment random words!

I hope you will participate and that something great will come out of this!

71 thoughts on “Interactive Poetry – I Need Your Help

        1. Lol, I’ve already got one that I worked on during my clinical today. I’ll probably post it tomorrow at some point. I’m trying to get them in there in a way that doesn’t seem like I’m word-placing, if that makes sense.


          1. You just have to find those little ways to study, like waking up five minutes earlier and learning five words (one a minute), then listening to music in your target language during the day, etc. It’s easier than you think. πŸ™‚


        1. I’ll check it out! I’ve been switching jobs and have a full course load of summer classes, so I haven’t had any time to dedicate to writing. I have about 2 lines written with your words, haha. I will get to it eventually though!

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